Chris Stanley, Tommy Hughes & Jane Cooper have been in the same circle of musicians and friends for many years enjoying nights of jam sessions at family get-togethers as well as supporting each other in various musical ventures. It was unbeknownst to them then that one day they would perform together as “Out On A Limb”.

In early February 2010, high school friend of Jane andTommy suggested that they perform as a duo at his restaurant, The Dugout. Tommy would bring to the group vocals (lead & harmony) as well as playing acoustic guitar, banjo & mandolin. Jane would play light percussion as well as sing lead & harmony. With all of that going for them, a duo just wasn’t enough. They felt they still needed one last element to make the ideal recipe: Chris Stanley was the target.

Tommy asked Chris to join in the group. To our delight; he accepted the offer. Tommy and Chris were a part of the Chris Stanley Band in the late 80’s and again in the mid to late 1990’s which performed around Virginia with private performances taking them all over. With Chris’s outstanding guitar skills, charismatic stage presence and silky smooth vocals, he was the perfect fit! With Tommy and Chris’s history and Jane & Tommy’s history; “Out On A Limb” has been a collaboration that has blended beautifully and one that none of us saw coming.

Together, “Out On A Limb” is an acoustic trio consisting of experienced musicians and most importantly, friends who focus on strong vocals, intricate instrumental work and making our audience happy with a variety of music and a laid back, welcoming style. 

What’s In a Name?
The name “Out on Limb” comes mostly from the haphazard way we came together and our love for trying new songs ON THE SPOT! We weren’t sure what our success would be but were willing to go out on a limb to find out. Also in keeping with our name we intend to continually add obscure music to our repertoire that are not often heard so that our audiences broaden their musical horizons and they too, in their own way will go out on a limb.